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Freshtime™ Go
Freshtime™ Go

Freshtime™ Go


Product brief description

  • Data capture Software
  • Exchange dashboards


Freshtime is an RFID-EPC shelf life-temperature monitoring system for perishables.  Freshtime includes:  Freshtime sensor tags, Freshtime Go™ data capture and exchange software and Freshtime cloud database and analytics.  Additionally, Freshtime requires an RFID-EPC reader to communicate between tag and data capture software. 

Freshtime Go™ is the software component of Freshtime. Freshtime Go is a set of software dashboards for capturing, exchanging, analyzing and reporting data about the temperature and condition (freshness/shelf life) of perishables, the spaces in which the perishables reside, and the trips these perishables take. 

Freshtime Go is the middleware between Freshtime sensor tags and the Freshtime Cloud™. Freshtime tags are the source of real-time temperature, condition (shelf life/freshness/wear-and tear) and business data. The Freshtime Cloud is your own tag database for storing tag and business data, reports and analytics.  Collectively, Freshtime Go, Freshtime tags and Freshtime Cloud are referred to as Freshtime™.


  • Licenses: 1 user
  • Computer: PC; operating system: MS Windows
  • RFID Reader Support: ThingMagic, Impinj
  • Cloud: Freshtime Cloud starter subscription for your company--registration required; additional subscription plans available
  • Support: email at 
  • Features: Set up Freshtime sensor tags, read and write Freshtime tags, generate local reports, send and get data from Freshtime cloud 
  • Dashboards: For tag setup and for use in operations 
  • Apps: Freshtime™ Planner,
    Freshtime™ How is it?,
    Freshtime™ Share