Freshtime™ Infratab

Infratab makes and sells solutions for monitoring the freshness of perishables in real-time. Answering: what, when, where, “how is it?” and “what should we do now?”
The key: Freshtime Points™
Freshness metrics which quantify and monetize freshness
Our Focus.
Wearables for:
The spaces they are in
The trips they take
    Product safety
    Managed financial risk
    Condition-based quality assurance
    Freshness-based decisions & pricing
    Shelf life inventory management (FEFO)
    Reduced temperature abuse, reduced waste
      Our Users.
      Those concerned with quality:
      Growers, manufacturers, insurers, transporters, retailers and consumers.
      Grocers, retailers, restaurants, medical clinics, florists, you and me.