Freshtime™ Basic Customized Kit

Freshtime™ Basic Customized Kit


Product brief description

  • Customized Starter Kit
  • Including Freshtime™ Sensor Tags, RFID Reader, Customized Software and Dashboards 


Software and Dashboards Customization

12 Freshtime Classic Tags: collect temperature & shelf life data                                              

Freshtime Planner: document what you think is happening                                                      

Freshtime Go-PC: setup and use Freshtime Sensor Tags                                         

4 Freshtime Go-PC business apps: Planner, How is it?, Share and Run                                

Freshtime Cloud SQL Database: store sensor and associated business data by partners, business locations, business steps in your company's Freshtime database                        

Freshtime Reports & Analytics: compare data and outcomes with your estimates from Planner

RFID Reader (ThingMagic USB Plus): set up tags, get tag status and history                                                

Freshtime Support: 1 year email, 1 hour Skype


  • Licenses: 1 user
  • Computer: PC; operating system: MS Windows
  • RFID Reader Support: ThingMagic, Impinj
  • Cloud: Freshtime Cloud 60 days free with starter subscription for your company, additional subscription plans required after 60 days.
  • Support: email at (one year) and 1 hour Skype Assistence
  • Features: Set up Freshtime sensor tags, read and write Freshtime tags, generate local reports, send and get data from Freshtime cloud 
  • Dashboards: For tag setup and for use in operations 
  • Apps: Freshtime™ Planner,
    Freshtime™ How is it?,
    Freshtime™ Share, Freshtime™ Run